Thursday, April 23, 2015

Composition Composition Composition!!

Hello Everyone!

     I am trying to post to the blog more often, as editing my photos is an outlet. I love being connected to a vibrant community of people who love to create beautiful photos. In this blog, I look forward to discussing all things photography, and on my last photowalk my main goal was to practice composition. Before listening to my Skillshare lessons on composition, I had the idea that I should include tons of information in my images. I was guilty of snapping without purpose.
This was a flawed concept, and my past photos were simply too "busy". I've focused on keeping it simple, applying the "Rule of Thirds" often, and framing my photos so that the viewers eye can focus on one subject. This is my latest shot, in High-Dynamic Range (HDR) format, my favorite style which I will also go over in the future! Have a great day and evening everyone!
Downtown Miami- HDR 

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