Sunday, July 5, 2015

Under Construction

Hey Everyone,
         Unfortunately I've hit a little snag in my blogging. I recently lost most of my work to a hard drive crash! So here's my advice to anyone dabbling in the photography hobby like myself: invest in storage! I've upgraded my storage to the WD My Cloud Network Drive, and implemented redundant backups so this never happens again. This weekend, I was able to be a tourist in my city. Here's a shot of the greatest skyline in the world. New York City from the Hudson River. This shot could not be possible without the ultra fast shooting in bracket mode of my Sony A6000. For any beginner reading this, bracketing is taking multiple shots of the same image at different exposures (levels of light allowed into the camera). So for the next few weeks, this site, and my photo collection will be under construction, I hope it will make any reader appreciate the process that precedes the results!

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