Thursday, April 30, 2015

Easy on the Contrast!

 Hey Everyone, 
      I have been enjoying choosing some of my photo collection to work on and present in this blog. This evening I wanted to explore working on photos in black and white. As I spoke in my last post, my main focus was composition, I felt I was able to achieve some satisfying shots, now the hard part is bringing them to life. Confession: Post-processing is in my blood! The photo you compose is your template, and I love exploring tools to make that image my art. For beginners checking out this blog, that means I am slowly transitioning to shooting in RAW mode only. In the future, I will definitely share some point and shoot, JPEG and mobile photography blogs. I have seen some amazing work done by iPhone and Android photographers alike, This photo was shot in RAW format,allowing me full control over how I can process it. I then merged three photos of different exposures (levels of light per unit area) to create a dynamic image. I didn't stop there, I made numerous adjustments in Adobe Lightroom, and then made the final edits using Google's Nik Collection. My style will go as follows, I will dial up the edits and pull back as I feel comfortable. Contrast truly is a huge part of a photo, as this defines what the users eye will be drawn to.  I enjoy the result, and I hope someone can find inspiration from it!
Downtown Miami

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