Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bringing it All Together

Hey Everyone,
             I try to keep my blot posts short so I will continue that trend, and this post will be my only post on this blog which doesn't contain a photo I've worked on. Today is the day I thought about moving my development forward and uniting my work on all fronts to share with the photography community, and to contribute to the learning experience of a novice photographer. Today I officially put together my website http://seansphotobridge.smugmug.com/ and launched a 500px page to begin unifying my work. I believe my goals will translate to different communities, and will be anchored by my blog where I focus on the journey to the results that I post. Each post will explore a different aspect so the reader can integrate that into their own work. I thank anyone who takes a peek at my pages, my work, and my journey from the bottom of my heart!

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